+ Question: How can I decide which mattress is the best for me?

Ans :  There is not a perfect mattress that fits everyone. The best mattress is the one that offers you best Support, comfort and feel. Therefore the first question when buying a mattress is what are you’re sleeping habits, your requirements and what extras do you need. Different technologies offer you different kinds of comfort and that there is a broad variety of qualities. Mattresses that look alike at first sight may be different.

Ans :  The prospective buyer should spend at least 15 minutes testing each mattress in the store. By spending five minutes on his/her back and both sides he/she will be more likely to determine if the mattress he/she is trying out is the right choice. Lying on the back — if the user slides his/her hand under the small of the back, and it is very easy and his/her shoulders and hips are uncomfortable, the mattress is too hard. Rolling over — if it takes a lot of efforts, the bed is too soft. If it is uncomfortable for the user's hips and shoulders, it is too hard. The user should test the mattress on the type of base that it will be used on. If the bed is for two people, both users should try it at the same time. 

Ans :  As there is no common standard how to define a soft, medium or hard mattress it is crucial that you test yourself which level of firmness fits you best. You cannot generally say that firmer mattresses are better than softer ones. The degree of firmness needed depends on the sleeper's body, his shapes and weight. Usually people who are small and slim need and prefer softer mattresses than people whose body weight is higher. Quality mattresses often offer different zones supporting your body in different areas with adequate strengths.

Ans :  Yes, they do. Studies have shown that various sleeping positions require different levels of firmness. A back sleeper needs a mattress that offers enough support to fill in the gaps in the contour of the back, while at the same time providing enough comfort (according to the user's preference). Side sleepers will probably want a softer mattress, as it will support the body‘s curves to minimize pressure points, especially if they have a more rounded figure. A pillow pulled under the shoulder will support the neck. Stomach sleepers probably need a firmer mattress to keep the spine aligned and to prevent spinal distortion that can result in back pain when waking up.

Ans :  There are four basic requirements for a good mattress to enhance the quality of sleep. In order of importance: maintain spinal alignment, reduce surface pressure, regulate body temperature, and resist nasty allergens.

A new mattress should be designed to conform to the spine's natural curves and to keep the spine in alignment when lying down. It should conform to the shape of our body to distribute weight evenly and eliminate high-pressure areas. Sleeping too hot or too cold will also cause tossing and turning. While we sleep, our bodies give off moisture, which gets trapped in our bedding. This dampness interferes with our body's ability to regulate its own temperature. Depending on your individual needs you can choose between different mattress types and different mattress covers affecting your body temperature while sleeping. Some mattress materials have anti-microbial value, so that dust mites will not reside in these mattresses as easily as in others. These mattresses offer a certain protection for those who struggle with allergies.

Ans :  A good bedding system consists of a good mattress and an appropriate bed base. The mattress and bed base should be chosen together to complement each other giving you a comfortable night's sleep. Mattress and bed base are engineered to work together as a set, and the base takes a lot of the nightly wear and tear and contributes to the overall comfort and support of the bed.

Putting a new mattress on an old bed base, pairing it with a base which was not designed to work with or adding a board between the mattress and bed base will impede comfort and reduce the useful life of your new mattress. A proper frame is definitely necessary!