Posture Spiral Spring Technology (PSST):

The Posture Spiral Spring System is a revolution is spring mattress technology. It is a unique and patented technology for SERTA mattress

This spring technology has some unique benefits as follows:

  • Posture spiral spring system is made from continuous wire that runs from head to toe and provides as much as 84% more support than single-coil designs. Since the entire assembly is heat treated it gives a stable, intrinsically bound spring unit for strength& durability.
  • Unlike single-coil designs, PSST has continuous coil system which work together to deliver correct support. The Head-to-toe alignment of coils provides independent support. It transfers the change in weight distribution down the length of the bed to minimize the impact of disturbance caused by partner movements.
  • It is a higher coil count spring system than ordinary spring system which provides firmer support and no mattress sag.
  • PSST has inbuilt edge support, the high coil count support to the edge of the unit thereby maximizing sleep surface area.
  • The continuous spring provides a high surface coverage which prevents the padding layers drifting into the spring thereby conforming to your body shape thus, providing a superior sleeping comfort.
  • PSST have no knots, sharp edges or loose ends to penetrate the padding layers, which give high durability to the mattress and enhanced safety.   

Cool Action Gel Infused Visco Foam:

Cool Action Gel Infused Visco Foam is designed to feel like traditional memory foam, but with superiority! The MicroSupport Gel is what makes it better by creating an exteremely comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleep surface.

This is what is does:-

  • Advance Pressure Relief, Serta's Cool Action Gel Foam is designed in a way that maintains lower average body pressure than other advanced comfort materials, sesulting in deeper; more restful sleep with less tossing and turning.
  • More Support Where it's Needed Most, Serta's Cool Action material works to uniquely support your body where it needs it most. Millions of MicroSupport Gel Beads gather in the areas of your body that needs extra support. With the right support, your muscles can relax and rejuvinate so you can wake wih fewer aches and pains.     
  • Sleep Cooler, Serta's Cool Action material combines open cell structure of  Mega Foam technology and our MicroSupport Gel to dramatically increase the airflow and actually whisk heat away from the body. In fact, it is upt 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam to create a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

Mega Foam Technology:

Mega Foam Technology’ also known as ‘the Green Foam Technology’  is an advanced German technology for manufacturing foam which employs environment friendly manufacturing methods keeping in line with international environment friendliness standards. All SERTA mattresses come with this revolutionary Mega Foam.This technology requires state-of-the-art infrastructure.

This Cutting edge technology has some unique benefits as follows:

  • This technology does not use any harm full chemicals like Methylene Chloride known as ‘blowing agents’ to manufacture foam. Methylene Chloride is an ozone depleting substance commonly used by mattress manufacturers to manufacture cheap foam.  The foam is manufactured by a special ‘Mega Foam Machine’.This machine manufactures foam by ‘Vacuum-chamber-curing process’ which does not require any chemicals or ‘blowing agents’ to manufacture the foam  and therefore the foam manufactured by this technology is environment friendly and is known as ‘Mega Foam’ or ‘Green Foam’
  • The foam manufactured by this process has an open cell structure. The open cell structure provides perfect air circulation and ideal moisture management. This avoids any heat build-up up on the mattress surface and provides a pleasant sleep. As a common practice cheap foam manufacturers use chalk powder to manufacture foam which on usage would block the cellsaffecting the quality of foam.  Open cell structure provides a breathable surface and makes the foam more durable and gives long life.

5 Zone Latex:

Latex is also recommended by Doctors. This is an ideal mattress for people suffering from any kind of back aches etc. Our 5 Zone Latex is manufactured by Dunlop process. The latex mattress incorporates a 5 zone design where the latex block comes with different hardness in different areas. These different density zones are designed to conform to individual weight zones of the human body, thereby providing appropriate support.

Some of the unique benefits of 5 Zone Latex is as follows:

  • The ultimate in natural comfort-natural latex with 5 zones is specially designed to conform to your body shape giving support where its need the most. The 5 zones of the mattress provide appropriate support to the body parts and aligns itself with the body contours. The mid part of the mattress is firmer to provide additional support to the heaviest mid region of the body, the shoulders and the thighs region is softer and the head & foot region is medium soft.  
  • Natural latex has outstanding pressure reliving properties which helps reduce tossing and turning in bed
  • Naturally Warmer in Winter and cooler in summer – it’s an all season mattress
  • Usually Latex mattress is turn free because of its long life but one can use the other surface of the mattress also.
  • Natural breathing capability of the latex block with innumerable air vents, as well as the supple and soft touch of the very high knitted quilted fabric provides improved hygienic, maximum comfort and supreme luxury.

3 Zone Convoluted Mega Foam:

Zone convoluted foam is manufactured by the Mega foam technology process. There are two types of 3 Zone convoluted foam namely:

  • 3 Zone convoluted foam sheet
  • 3 Zone convoluted Peeled foam

Sheet foam and peeled foam is used during different levels of mattress manufacturing process, 3 Zone convoluted foam sheet is used at the padding level and the latter is used during the quilting level.

Convolutions on the foam provide additional cushioning and zoning further enhances the comfort level by providing additional support to differential zones of the body.  

Some of the unique benefits of 3 Zone convoluted foam is as follows:

  • Convolutions in the foam provide better air circulation and further reduce the heat buildup on the surface of the foam. The convolutions provide additional cushioning and comfort. 
  • 3 zones in the foam provide appropriate comfort to the differential body zones. The mid one third zone of the foam sheet is hard to provide comfort to the heaviest part of the body and the top and bottom zones are relatively softer to appropriate comfort to the head, shoulder and legs.

Advance Comfort Quilt Technology (ACQ):

The Advanced Comfort Quilt Technology blends in sophisticated convoluted layers of quilting to the mattress, creating specialized comfort zones. Each of these quilted types has a relatively denser zone in the Centre one-third, providing additional support to the spine. Lush layers of polyester wadding passes through the Mega Foam convolutions to provide supreme comfort. The ACQ layers are unique for the plush, luxurious feeling and breathability.

The benefits of ACQ technology is its unique feel and comfort level. The ACQ technical research focuses on the quilting since the body comes into contact with the quilted panel, which is the surface of the mattress. The result of this has been the creation of a superior offering through an ultra-premium brand.